Autumn Hope

Autumn Hope

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Rescue Operation
Autumn Hope

The terrorist organization Red Cell has built and maintains a huge construction site of death in the sector Capella. This is a large number of Slaves Camps and Drugs Stations. Thousands of slaves are still there and need to be released within a short time later

Our Teams
  1. Combat team #1
    1. Knight of Freedom - Scorpion ship
    2. Mara Jade - Liberator ship
    3. Corran Horn- PASC ship
    4. Wazza - Liberator ship
  2. Combat team #2
    1. Inquisitor Cashkar - Nano ship
    2. Web Winder - War Nova ship
  3. Transportation and raiding team
    1. San Fran Dan - BBB ship 'Msl'
    2. Malek - BBB ship 'Msl'
    3. Harrin - Venom ship
    4. Garruck - SSC - ship (Mag scoop open, raid , and transfert to a transport ship of that team, don't move with mag scoop open)
    5. Hamster - Leviathan ship
    6. Rynak - Leviathan ship 'Msl'.

      Very Important : after rainding, drop the slaves on the planet, and sell all materials (money for you)
  4. Demolition team
    Eddie Bartholomew - Nano ship
    And the Transport and raid team
    (If you don't want your name in GNN, stop just before the end of the demolition of the building.)
  5. TimeBomb team
    1. Knight of Freedom
    2. Inquisitor Cashkar - Capella 7,10 Fuel tile
    3. Malek - Capella 16,4 Energy field

Very importantSet Defensive combat mode for all move, and all time for non combat ship or low skilled ships - Use ambush avoidance in all move.
Join Capella in one move, have enough APs , if a MOs wall block you, you need a lot of APs and time to move to another MOs wall
In Capella, set Agility boost when you are on the WH
Go on the planet and stay docked, don't see who are on the planet
Join before enough, please
All ship 'Msl' and combat ship with full load of the best missiles, NN550 or Emperial missiles

Please all of you :
Foelist Red Cell alliance
Friendlist Angels of Liberty Alliance
Friendlist Imperial Paladin Alliance
And the pilot Rynak
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