2014 - Interview of Patience Pending - Photographic Model

2014 - Interview of Patience Pending - Photographic Model

Postby Terraburg » 23 Aug 2014 19:58

2014 - Interview of Patience Pending : Photographic - Photos Model
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  • Parle-nous un peu de toi, ta bio de manière succincte
    Apologies for not replying in French, unfortunately my French is rusty and although I can read the questions I am not brave enough to reply in French also! I am 22 years old and from the south coast of England. I have always loved the arts. I have studied English, fine art, photography and design - I love being able to express an emotion. I am also a horse rider, kick boxer and love cars and motor bikes! I am also a big fan of animals! You can find me on http://www.facebook.com/patiencemodel or Instagram @patiencepending

  • Comment t’es venue l'idée d'être modèle ? Une autre modèle connue ?
    I began when I was Six years old, for a government fireworks campaign. I fell in love. I stopped while I was finishing school, to focus on my studies. Later, I attended a business meeting with my friend who is a make up artist and people were asking me who I worked for! By the end of the night I had lots of business cards and some shoots booked!

  • Est-ce que cette orientation dans ta vie a changé le comportement dans ton entourage ? (Par exemple une meilleure appréciation de ta personne, ou de la jalousie)
    oui, un petit peu. I lost a friend over it but she had not been very happy with me for a long time, for reasons out of my control, so it was more of an excuse really. My close friends are very supportive! My mum is in advertising and so has a keen business eye; she wants me to enjoy it as well as do good business - that is what I always aim to do. Modelling has never changed me or my way of dealing with things; people who know me understand modelling is something I do but it isn't something I brag about. I am a firm believer that friends and family are the most important thing - and that works both ways.

  • Et ton propre comportement a évolué, changé ?
    not really. There was a point in my teens where I was very self conscious and developed an eating disorder. I think the modelling helped me over come that as I realised I was not as awful looking as I thought. I will never be a hundred percent happy with my body but I am over my disorder now and I believe modelling has helped me be brave and learn to like myself a bit better.

  • C'est un métier exigeant : il faut être jolie et savoir présenter et se tenir devant caméras et appareils photos. Tu as une ou plusieurs activités physiques pour t'entretenir ?
    Yes, I am a very active person; I have never been good at sitting still! I go to the gym 3+ times a week, horse ride and love going on long walks

  • Au sujet des photos
    • Alors, quels types de photos te plaisent plus ?
      I don't think I have a favourite. I prefer soft lighting as I think harsh lighting can be harder to do in a classy way

    • Et pour quel genre pose-tu ?
      I like to dress in simple clothes, generally something either fitted, or big enough that I can use my hands to manipulate it to show some shape.
  • Quelle est ton ambition à termes (Court, moyen et long terme) ?
      I hope to be published some more and work with some more lovely people. I'd like to run some more national ad campaigns too.

    • Est-ce que tu voudrais faire carrière comme modèle ou est-ce simplement parce que tu es jeune, jolie et que c'est temporaire ?
      if I were taller I would consider it as a career however I am only 5'6" and not many agencies will take me. I would like to continue commercial work as it is best suited to my height. I hope to also become a psychologist, I have one year of my degree left. Ideally, I would like to pursue both for a couple more years.

    • Vise-tu une carrière d’actrice ?
      I loved acting when I was younger but I don't think I would be very good at remembering my lines!
  • Si tu devais dire un mot de toi à un futur sponsor ou employeur, ce serait ?
    I always work hard and with passion. At eight years old I began working in a horse yard for a military riding instructor; he instilled a good work ethic in me that I will keep for life.

  • Selon toi, une question devrait être ajoutée ?
    I think these are all very good questions. I would add what do you drive? And what would you like to drive ideally? I feel you can learn a lot about someone by their car sense. I drive a 1.4 sport Lupo - it looks like a toy car and flys along - it's a bit like driving a go kart. In the ideal world I would drive a Lamborghini aventador - it is the best car I have ever driven.
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